Instructions for using your Action Baby Carrier Safely

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Safety is of paramount importance for our company (Kangaroo Care UK LTD) and the manufacturers AGCC Inc.  Action Baby Carriers conform to the EN standard for soft baby carriers and to the relevant US standards.  Our carriers all come with the following instructions and safety warnings in a printed booklet inside your carrier packaging.

For further information about safe babywearing visit our comprehensive guide to safety when using your Action Baby Carrier: 'Safety and Fitting Information' 

Front Carry in the Action Baby Carrier


Back Carry in an Action Baby Carrier

Action Baby Carrier Safety Information

Fall and Suffocation Hazard Warning

In addition to following the manufacturer instructions we recommend following the TICKS guidelines for Safe Babywearing and we recommend visiting your local sling library or consultant for fitting advice.

TICKS Rule for Safe Babywearing

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