Action Baby Carriers UK Supports 'Down Syndrome Day' and 'Changing the Face of Beauty'.

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We'd like to introduce you to Laurie, one of our UK models for Action Baby Carriers.  


His mum, Katie, and dad, Jim have been wearing him in a sling since he was born.  They love their Action Baby Carrier and we were delighted when they agreed to take part in our Autumn photoshoot.  Katie shared with us why she feels including models with Down Syndrome is so important: 

"I love the pictures of Laurie and me, showing the close bond between us.  With the new test for Down's Syndrome being approved by the NHS recently, I think it's even more important for positive images like this to be more widely used. It helps to balance out all the negative and scary messages about having a child with Down's Syndrome."
Laurie and Mum smiling together. #Downsyndromeday

All our models are parents wearing their own babies, and we hope to show the wonderful bond between each parent and child through our photography.  It was very important to us to work with Laurie as we strongly support all families of children with additional needs and feel that they should be represented in media, fashion and entertainment in a positive way.  

Model Mums and Babies on the park bench. Action Baby Carrier

We've also been inspired by the amazing campaign started by Kate Driscoll, a mum in the US, to get more models with disabilities included in the fashion world.  'Changing the Face of Beauty' has a huge following and is encouraging positivity and inclusion one fashion brand at a time.  

      Elliott Print Action Baby Carrier                           Chevron Print Action Baby Carriers

The team behind ABC UK are passionate about inclusion and support for young people with disabilities and learning difficulties.  We know first-hand that it can be a challening situation for families to face and that seeing youngsters with disabilities enjoying being themselves can be a great boost for families just beginning that journey.  We also know from many years of supporting families in safe babywearing that using a baby carrier can be a great way to support children's needs for closeness, socialisation and mobility.  The Action Baby Carrier has hidden support within the panel which provides extra comfort and stability for babies and toddlers and many of our customers use the ABC with their babies and children with disabilities.  We always recommend talking to your healthcare team about using any carrier with your child and we are happy to provide more information about how they can support healthy physical and emotional development.

Laurie is a fantastic model, and we hope to feature him again soon in our Spring shoot.

Laurie close up

All children with Down Syndrome are unique, many face additional challenges in learning, communication and health. March 21st is 'Down Syndrome Day', a day of celebration and awareness 'creating a single global voice for advocating for the rights, inclusion and well being of people with Down syndrome'.  You can find out more about this amazing, global campaign on their Facebook Page.

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