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Caring for your baby whilst on the go, whether out and about or at home, and getting tasks completed, like feeding yourself and your family requires an extra pair of hands sometimes!  Using an Action Baby Carrier is an easy and comfortable way to keep your baby close whilst still having your hands free.

We are passionate about the freedom and connection that comes from carrying our babies and Action Baby Carriers make it so easy.  Don't just take our word for it, we've added some of our most recent customer review comments to show just how easy it can be.

Why Carry Your Baby or Toddler?

Babies thrive on touch and during the crucial stages of early development close contact with a trusted caregiver can enhance and support your baby's cognitive, physical and emotional well being.

Babies who are carried tend to cry less, sleep better and often meet milestones in communication and physical development sooner than babies who are not carried regularly.

When your baby is held closely to you their weight is better supported than when carrying in arms you can more easily complete other tasks that are necessary and your baby is gaining experience and interaction while you get on with your day.

'It made my nerves disappear as it is so easy to use and comfortable for little one. She suffered from awful reflux and this gave amazing flexibility and ease for little one and us daily. Keeping her close and comfortable so we could get her in and out with ease.' Isobelle


How does an Action Baby Carrier Work?

Action Baby Carriers are a type of Soft Structured Carrier. They create an ergonomic carrying position for babies using a soft panel with a structured waist and padded shoulder straps that are secured with buckles. Carriers come with clear visual instructions for front, hip and back carries.

How easy is it really?

' We absolutely love our ABC! It is so quick and easy to use.....I have tried lots of other slings and carriers but always come back to my ABC! It is so quick to put on when dashing out for the school run but is also comfortable and supportive for longer trips and days out.' Natalie

The Action Baby Carrier can be safely and securely fitted in around one minute.  The safety buckles on each shoulder strap clip together easily and can be adjusted quickly to give a secure comfortable fit.  Once your baby is fitted securely we recommend following the TICKS Guidelines for Safe Babywearing.

What different ways can you use the Action Baby Carrier?

It is possible to carry your baby on the front, hip and back without the need for help from others.  Why not visit your local sling library to find out how to carry your baby in different positions?

We first bought an ABC when my son was 9 months old, and it was the sling that made us fall in love with babywearing! So comfortable, with just the right amount of padding on the straps and waistband. Both my husband and I enjoyed using it on both the front and back, and used it almost daily. Sam and Alan

Where can I find out more?

Check out our FAQs for lots more information about Action Baby Carriers.  To learn about how to keep your baby safe whilst carrying them in your Action Baby Carrier visit our Safety Information page.

You can follow us on Facebook, read our blogs which have lots of great information about babywearing and Action Baby Carriers.

If you have any questions you can get in touch with our Customer Services Director, Nicole Hastie who is a qualified Sling Consultant.     07442 491002

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