How to Visit a Grandparent Trapped by a Flood? - Easy as ABC!

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Sometimes you need to deliver essential groceries to your parents in the middle of a flooded village whilst also carrying your baby, other times you just need free hands to deliver an urgently needed cup of tea to another overworked mum!  Libby tells us about living #FamilyLifeUnlimited with her #ActionBabyCarrier (and getting Dad in on the action too!):

"I just love my Action baby Carrier. Over 4 years and two babies it has proved to be the most useful bit of baby kit I have bought - unlike the totally pointless womb music cd and the overly engineered nappy disposal system.

I first bought my ABC when baby number 1 (Arwen) was about 6 months old. I had tried stretchy wraps and a ring sling but nothing had quite worked for us. Unlike the first baby carriers I had tried, the ABC was nice and padded which meant it was genuinely comfortable to wear. It was easy to get on and off and looked quite cool too. However, the absolute best thing was that it had really ‘manly’ buckles - which was crucial if I was EVER going to get my other half to babywear.

We quickly got into the baby wearing groove and used the ABC quite frequently for popping up to the village shop and Daddy-led walks in the countryside. It was also brilliant for getting Arwen to nap – being all strapped in whilst I tackled a few chores around the house was as good as being rocked to sleep. But in the winter of 2013 it proved to be truly invaluable. My Dad lives right next to the river Severn in Gloucestershire and when the river floods he gets cut off for weeks on end. You can't drive through the flood water in a car let alone a push a baby through it in a pushchair. So that January the only way to visit Grampy (and take him some much needed provisions) was to don my wellies, strap the baby to my back and make my way slowly through the water. Now 15 months old, Arwen thought these trips were the most exciting expeditions EVER especially when they were usually rewarded by Grampy with a tasty chocolate button.


When baby number two (Elodie) came along the ABC was again worth its weight in gold. Arwen (who by now was almost 3) had decided that her main mode of transport was a scooter. However, it turns out that it's really not that easy to push a pushchair, carry a scooter whilst cajoling a toddler to keep on walking when they get tired and fed up of scooting! Carrying is just so much easier. Also Elodie had turned out to be a bit of a cling-on baby when we went along to our local toddler playgroup which meant that lending a hand at snack time was proving quite tricky. Having her all buckled up in a nice safe back carry meant at least that I had two hands free to chop up apple, dish out raisins and make the other mummies a well deserved cuppa without too much hassle.


Over last few months we’ve used the ABC on days out and a family holiday to Centre Parcs. It was great for walking back forth from the pool and made exploring the woods with Daddy really easy. I'm sure we could not have gone off the beaten track so easily with the pushchair. We are off to Wales in the summer and I'm really looking forward to strolling along the beach and getting out about with the girls. Fingers crossed for some sunny weather!"


Libby, Gloucester



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