Where to learn more about using a baby carrier safely in the UK

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When we carry our babies we want to be sure they are safe and that how we carry them supports their physical, social and cognitive development without putting them at risk. There are lots of great resources in the UK to help you enjoy carrying your baby safely.

Action Baby Carriers are designed to be safe and easy to use. They come with clear instructions and before long you feel confident carrying your baby or child and enjoying time together.  Whenever you use a baby carrier you should follow TICKS.

TICKS Rules for Safe Babywearing

[click to view larger] TICKS used with permission of the UK Sling Consortium.

If you would like to learn more about safety when carrying, how to position and support your baby as they grow and how to feel comfortable when carrying, there are lots of places to get the information you need.  Education in the safe use of baby carriers has evolved over the past ten years and it is now possible to find a carrying professional near you who has undertaken extensive training to offer the best possible support.  Action Baby Carriers UK would always recommend seeking professional support for any questions you have about carrying your baby or child.


Sling demostration

In the UK there are over 300 local sling meets and sling libraries.  These are usually run by volunteers who are often trained Sling Peer Supporters and Consultants, (though it is always worth asking about their training and insurance as there is no legal requirement to have either).  Sling Libraries have been set up to offer parents and carers the chance to try out a variety of slings and carriers and get help adjusting them to be safe and comfortable.  Many offer short term loans to help you be sure you have chosen the right carrier.  Action Baby Carriers can be found in many UK Sling Libraries and if you visit the library you can often get a discount code for our website. 

You can find listings for libraries across the UK here:

UK Sling Library Network

Babywearing UK Sling Library Listings

Sling Pages


Many parents who have worn their babies in slings and carriers have taken their interest in the subject further by completing more in depth training to become Babywearing or Sling Consultants.   In the UK there are several training organisations, some of which offer nationally recognised accreditation.  Consultants have detailed knowledge of sling safety, post-natal and newborn physiology as well as a thorough working knowledge of the main types of carriers and slings available.  A consultant can offer 1:1 and group consultations, workshops and demonstrations.  Sling libraries are often very busy so if you would like a more focussed support session or more time to explore your needs a consultant is a great option.  Action Baby Carriers UK is run by a qualified Sling Consultant who can answer any questions you have about the ABCs by email or telephone. nicole@actionbabycarriers.co.uk  07442 491002

You can find Sling Consultants in your area here:

Babywearing UK Consultant Listings

Slingababy Consultant Listings

Sling Pages


Many Sling Consultants create regular blogs covering a variety of topics related to slings and baby carriers.  There are also some great video bloggers who produce helpful examples of how to use carriers safely.  It's always worth checking if the person writing or presenting the blog has the relevant training or experience.  Here are some good sources of informative blogs.


Great blog pieces about 'do slings create clingy children, how to dress babies in cold weather for babywearing' etc


Easy to follow, visual videos about positioning and adjusting in a range of carriers


Beautiful and easy to follow videos created or chosen by the Slingababy founder, Lorette.


Informative series about babywearing with children with additional needs


As with any parenting topic, Facebook and other social media platforms are full of parenting chat groups where you can discuss problems, get ideas and share your own experiences.  These can be great places to get feedback about carriers you are interested in and to check in with other sling users about the latest trends.  It is worth remembering though that everyone in the forum is learning themselves and sometimes advice that is given is not the most up to date or safe. When in doubt, always ask a professional at your local sling library or consultancy.  Many Sling Consultants run their own local chat groups offering support to sling users in their area, why not ask your nearest consultant if there are any online groups you can join?

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