Safety and Fitting Information

Safety is of paramount importance for our company (Kangaroo Care UK LTD) and the manufacturers AGCC Inc.  Action Baby Carriers conform to the EN standard for soft baby carriers and to the relevant US standards.  Our carriers all come with the following instructions and safety warnings. To view the instructions as a PDF click here.

Front Carry in an Action Baby Carrier

Back Carry in an Action Baby Carrier

Action Baby Carriers Safety Information

Fall and Suffocation Hazard Warning

In addition to following the manufacturer instructions we recommend following the TICKS guidelines for Safe Babywearing and we recommend visiting your local sling library or consultant for fitting advice.

Further information about Safe use of Baby Carriers:
Using a baby carrier can be a comfortable and enjoyable way to meet your baby or child's need for closeness whilst still being able to go out and about or take care of daily task and other children within the home. It is important to be aware of risks when using baby carriers and to take steps to ensure you avoid these. The main risks of using a carrier are suffocation if used incorrectly and falls when carrying.
Safe Positioning
To ensure your baby is safe when in the carrier it is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions but also to check for yourself that they are visible at all times with nothing obstructing their face, their airway is supported by keeping them in an upright position and their chin is not slumped onto their chest. (see TICKS above)

Ergonomic Support
To ensure they are comfortable and well supported by the carrier (which will also increase comfort for the wearer) tilt your baby's pelvis so they tuck into you, with their knees higher than their bottom and spread to a comfortable width for their size and stage of physical development.
When carrying on the back ensure your baby is well supported and take care when passing though narrow space to avoid bumping then against surfaces.

Activities to avoid
Baby Carrier are designed to be used during normal activity of low to moderate risk and exertion. Any activity requiring specialist safety equipment is not safe to do when using a baby carrier e.g. climbing, cycling, horse-riding.

You can exercise in your baby carrier as long as the motion does not cause your baby to be shaken or thrown around. Sling dance, dog walking and yoga are good ways to stay healthy postnatally. Swimming, running, jogging, cardio-vascular high impact aerobics should be avoided when using a baby carrier.

Take extra care when using a baby carrier if you are working near a heat source such as a cooker, oven or fire as your baby is closer to the heat source than you and is masking your body's awareness of the heat.

Avoiding Falls
When using a baby carrier your balance may be impaired leading to risk of fall or injury. Take your time when moving around, be aware of your surroundings and never use the carrier if you are under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medication that can impair awareness.  Take extra care in wet or icy conditions and on uneven terrain. Within your home ensure there are no obstacles in areas you are walking through that may cause you to trip.
If you have any questions at all regarding safe Babywearing please contact us.